Our Story


We want everyone to Cherish themselves

Why you can indulge in Cherish Bath and Body self care.

“It is our absolute pleasure to provide beauty products using only the finest organic botanical ingredients.
 Everyone who uses Cherish Bath and Body knows they are getting a luxury product which truly benefits your skin.”

Rebekah – Cherish Bath and Body CEO

It absolutely thrills me that everyone who uses Cherish Bath and Body knows they are getting a luxury product made with only the finest plant based ingredients.

Well before I created Cherish Bath and Body, I was completely infatuated with skin care, cosmetics, and beauty products of all kinds. I could sit and just read bottles and jars, looking at the ingredients and directions with incredible interest.

Then one day, I discovered the amazing world of handmade skin care and decided I wanted to create a line of natural, vegan beauty products.

I was concerned …

it would be difficult to create beneficial products without artificial chemicals. I thought it would be too hard to find certified organic ingredients of the excellent quality I needed.

During the first few years of of this journey I did a lot of research. Multiple studies indicate the potential dangers of ingredients found in many of conventional beauty and self care products.

I decided to create the purest, safest, high end, beauty brand for those of you committed to living a cleaner lifestyle.

It turns out…

Creating a natural handmade skin care line was more difficult than I imagined.

There are other brands out there that use the words “organic” or “natural” on their labels, yet most of the ingredients are neither organic or natural. Consumers are beginning to notice and are becoming skeptical.

Cherish Bath and Body customers never have to wonder what is in our products.

All of our products have complete ingredient listings. Our website includes a list of the most prominent ingredients we use. All of which are certified organic, natural and purely from plant sources.

There were times when I worried that no one would buy our products, or that customers would just not like what I had created.

Through it all…

We released our first products and the response has been absolutely extraordinary.  Our customers love our products and we are continuing to create new options for them to enjoy.